UltraSlim: Sliding-Pivot Patio Doors

slide and pivot patio doors
UltraSlim fully retractable slide and pivot doors

We also offer UltraSlim Doors, fully retractable patio doors with slim 19 mm sight lines and slim profiles for superior viewing, compared with standard bifolding doors. Contemporary styling with grey frames as standard or a choice of frame colours. British designed and manufactured, UltraSlim doors are fully retractable and stack at the side of the opening.

UltraSlim features include:

  • British Kite-Marked 28 mm Sealed Glass Units (Guaranteed for 5 years Standard BSEN 1279-2)
  • Ultra Slim 19mm aluminium side frames
  • Full 3 point turn Schlegel locking system
  • Weather protection system for interlocking glass panels
  • Glide-on rail system for easy sliding of panels along Teflon based system
  • Top guided system using stainless steel turning arms for pivot opening
  • Contemporary grey aluminium frames as standard; almost 200 colour options at additional cost
  • Optional integral horizontal blinds at additional cost

How do UltraSlim Slide-Pivot Doors open and close? The main door opens and closes with a pivot action, just like most doors in your home. When you want a wider opening, leave the main door open and slide the next door along to where the main door usually is – then open the second door in the usual way, to stack alongside the main door – you now have a walk-through opening equivalent to the width of two doors. You can continue to widen the walk-through area until you run out of doors! Just reverse the action to close the doors.

Note that Frameless Double Glazed Patio Doors are similar to UltraSlim but without the aluminium frames around the sealed glass units.

To view a selection of UltraSlim Doors, please visit our All Doors gallery.

A PDF of Frame Colours is available here >