Commercial Glass Doors – from one metre to six metres high

Our products are available for both commercial and domestic and installations. Sightline Doors are available in large leaf glass of up to six metres per door. There are perfect for showrooms, galleries and double-height storeys.

extra height tall glass doors

Each door is a maximum of 6m x 3m and can be installed as ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’ so that, if, for example, the aperture is six metres (roughly 20 feet) high by six metres from left to right, you would install 2 x Sightline sliding doors in portrait mode. If the aperture is only three metres high (more usual!) and very wide, e.g. 12 metres, you would install 2 x Sightline doors in landscape mode.

Of course, these are our maximum door sizes which can be cut to size. If you have a wider aperture, we can install more doors.

studio/gallery with sightline doors

Sightline doors are heavy but are designed to easily glide with very little effort.

At the other end of the scale, you may require retractable glass in a standard door or window space. For commercial use, Frameless tempered glass doors are ideal for customer service reception desks and wide entrances between two areas, such as in a shopping mall, restaurant, conferencing facilities, hotel, etc.

commercial installation - frameless glass doors

Wander through our gallery then contact us with your glass requirements.

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