Slide and Turn – England’s most popular doors?

It’s official! A national newspaper article, published recently, reviewed a number of glass doors and concluded that the slide and turn system is the fastest-growing sector.

Open view to garden

Various systems are now being manufactured in, or imported into, the UK. The original designer/manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors, first launched their product in 2009 from their Bedfordshire base and remains the most competitively priced.

Following their Slimline aluminium bi-folding doors (launched 2003), slide and turn doors were the natural successor. Also called slide and pivot or ‘slide and swing’ doors (yes, that one confuses search engines!), their ultra-slim frames and profiles led SunSeeker Doors to brand them as UltraSlim. Since then, a number of copycat doors have been marketed, all slightly different but essentially the same methodology.

The doors are locked together when closed. To open, there is a master pivot-style door. Other doors then slide along the guides and pivot to stack at one end of the opening.

As a sister company to SunSeeker Doors, we include UltraSlim glass doors in our portfolio at exactly the same price and installation timescales. Survey and installation is included in the price.

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