UltraSlim slide-and-turn Doors for Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero is in Lymington High Street, opposite the Angel Inn. It has large windows at the front but the rear was a bit gloomy until recently, when a expanse of five UltraSlim slide-and-turn doors was installed.

There is a standard exit door for anyone requiring access to the new outside patio and the doors are also fully retractable for those anticipated hot summer days.

The first door (on the right of the photograph) is opened outwards, against the side wall. The next door, if required, can slide to the right and also be opened outwards for a double space or just remain in position, allowing the centre door to also move to the right, leaving a single exit space in the centre.

To fully open all the doors, each one can slide to the end of the guide and open outwards. UltraSlim Doors are available as replacement patio doors in your home. If you are interested, visit our UltraSlim slide and turn Doors page or contact us on 01582-492730

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