Which Doors are Best for me?

We offer a range of glass doors to suit various requirements. In some ways, our doors are similar:

  • All doors are made in Britain to British and EU standards
  • All doors have a high glass to frame ratio in their category
  • Aluminium is used for framework, colours are optional
  • Doors are made to order for your project

There are different door choices, depending on clients’ requirements:

  • Sightline sliding Doors can be used where aperture height is over 3m
  • All doors are retractable doors except Sightline sliding doors
  • Single glazed doors do not meet building regulations as house doors
  • Maximum door widths are 0.8m UltraSlim, 1m Slimline, 6m Sightline

Contact our Sales team if in any doubt about which doors are best for you.

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