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studio/gallery with sightline doors

Sightline Doors for Maximum Lightflow

This art studio is part of a fabulous project in a house full of light, with several sets of Sightline Doors. As can be seen in the photographs below, the studio is built into...

roller shutters, part closed

Added Security for Glass Doors – New Roller-Shutters

If you would like additional security, privacy and the ability to filter the amount of light coming into the room, aluminium roller-shutters may be the solution. Available in various colours and finishes, electrically controlled...

Frameless Glass room dividers

Frameless Glass Curtains

It’s a little used term in the UK but the phrase ‘Glass Curtains‘ is considered to originate from Spain. It describes the frameless glass panels that are often erected around covered terraces and balconies...

SSunSeeker UltraSlim Doors

UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors Animation

Everyone knows how sliding doors work and most people know how bi folds are operated but what about the latest technology – a maximised opening using the Slide and Pivot system? The animated video...